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Surrogate Partner Therapy Basics

Surrogate partner therapy is a form of therapy in which a therapist & a surrogate partner work with a client to explore and overcome sexual and intimacy issues by using a combination of talk therapy, education, coaching, and experiential practices. This unique therapy can help both men and women struggling with various types of issues related to intimacy, relationships, and sexuality.

Here are a few ways in which surrogate partner therapy can help individuals:

Exploring Intimacy Issues

Some individuals can experience difficulties relating closely with others. Such disconnection can result in superficial or emotionally distant relationships, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and deep depression. Surrogate partner therapy helps by providing a unique route for introspection and intimate discoveries in a friendly and nourishing environment supported by professionals. It provides guidance that targets clients' vulnerabilities to help establish new ways of developing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships.

Overcoming Sexual Dysfunctions

Surrogate partner therapy is often recommended for individuals that experience various types of sexual dysfunctions resulting from premature ejaculation, impotence, or inability to achieve an orgasm. The approach to overcoming such issues is gradual and multifaceted. A surrogate partner works with a licensed therapist to address possible psychological and emotional root causes of the problem, puts clients on a tailored practical program of exercises to develop confidence, promotes realistic expectations, and establishes sensible communication with partners.

For many individuals, sex can be a source of concern, particularly when performance anxiety or low libido comes into play. Working with a surrogate partner therapist can help address these issues by providing a safe space to explore negative experiences, build self-esteem, and learn practical ways of managing intimacy. A surrogate partner therapist will engage with the individual during the intimacy exercises, providing guidance and feedback as needed.

Healing Sexual Traumas

Sexual trauma is a sensitive and often shunned issue. It can negatively impact mental health as well as fuel longstanding intimacy insecurities. With reports indicating that at least one in six women and approximately one in 33 men have experienced sexual harassment, rape, or attempted rape, surrogacy is a relief for many. Surrogate partner therapy can assist appropriately-trained clients to overcome past emotional damage related to sex via a caring therapeutic relationship- working with the fragility and resilience muscles at scheduled times focusing on communication, touch, and sensual experiences.

Overcoming sexual trauma can be challenging, particularly when it manifests in the form of anxiety, depression, and intimacy issues. Surrogate partner therapy can help individuals heal from trauma by promoting acceptance and positive body image through mindfulness exercises and somatic experiencing. A surrogate partner therapist can work closely with the individual to help reestablish trust in the body and address emotional attachments related to their past experiences.

Improving Self-Esteem and Self-Image

Surrogate partner therapy is also beneficial for those individuals who struggle with low self-esteem or a negative self-image. Working with a surrogate partner can empower the individual to take control of their feelings and improve their overall well-being. Communication and relationship-building exercises can help individuals better understand their emotions and achieve a new level of self-awareness.

Developing Healthy Relationship Skills

Sometimes individuals can feel somewhat alone or desolate in their relationships, leading to anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Solo experiences can spark a sense of dwelling, building walls, and shutting out emotions. Building healthy and durable relationships can be particularly challenging, especially for men and women that have a history of heartbreak, betrayal, or abuse. Surrogate partner therapy aims to ensure the development of healthy intimacy, providing training to actively communicate boundaries, express emotions, identify desires, and expressly listen and empathize with others. This strengthens the relationship muscle and increasingly buoys attachment to friends, family or loved ones.

Some individuals may struggle with setting healthy boundaries, and this can often lead to unsatisfactory or even toxic relationships. Surrogate partner therapy is a great opportunity for individuals to learn how to say no and establish healthy boundaries in different contexts, including romantic relationships or in their professional and personal lives.

The Bottomline

Overall, surrogate partner therapy is a unique and effective approach for individuals who struggle with issues related to intimacy and relationships. A partnership between a surrogate partner therapist, client, and traditional therapists can provide comprehensive care that promotes healing and personal growth. Working with a surrogate partner therapist can help you regain control over issues related to intimacy, safely overcome trauma, and develop better relationship skills to lead a happy, healthy life.

If you are interested in exploring if surrogate partner therapy is right for you, you can e-mail Sarah at for further info.

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