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Modalities & Specialties

Image by Khara Woods
Image by Alexander Krivitskiy
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Creative Arts Therapy 

Orient yourself creatively by engaging in empowering processes that support you to actualize yourself and the life you desire to live. 


We use natural forms of creative expression and uncover unconscious material to understand your patterns, blocks, and approaches to problems & traumas.   We use the creative process to support your innate wisdom to transform and relate in new and exciting ways.

Sex Therapy
Surrogate Partner Therapy 
via Ananda Integrative Healing Center

I support all interested humans in the following areas:

  • Sexual blocks

  • Emotional challenges

  • Sexual traumas/incest

  • Fetishes

  • Eroticized  wounds

  •  Adultery

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Sexual confidence

  • Pleasure embodiment


I enjoy working with people in all kinds of relationship structures as I work from the foundation that ALL RELATIONSHIPS are a reflection of self or self-limitation so can therefore be your greatest expander and teacher.

If you would like a more intensive, targeted, and holistic approach and/or have a more extensive history of sexual trauma, incest, or severe sexual/relational challenges, I would recommend scheduling a consult to see if Surrogate Partner Therapy would be a good fit for you.

(see below)

In this therapy, a client, a therapist, and a surrogate partner form a three-person therapeutic team. The surrogate participates with the client in structured and unstructured experiences that are designed to build client's self-awareness and skills. 

Clients of either gender may seek therapy to address problems relating to lack of experience, fear of intimacy, shame or anxiety regarding sex, low level of arousal, or lack of sexual desire.

Please note that this type of therapy is scheduled and conducted via Ananda Integrative Healing Group.  Please email me directly for intake details or to be referred directly for SPT.

Relationships & Attachments- family, partnership, parental

Based on my personal life experiences and fascination with the way we love, feel whole, and satisfied in our lives & connections, along with my professional experience in highly specialized treatments of attachment disorders, I have a passion to support people in reclaiming their ability to have healthy connection.

It is clear that our early relational conditioning has played a huge role in how we form bonds with others and experience love itself and sometimes its helpful to have someone be able to help you unravel that and build skills that don't come naturally based on your unique set of experiences and/or traumas . 


If you are looking to feel secure, confident, and satisfied in the way you relate to intimacy and relationships, working on diving into your fears, wounds, and conditioning around love & relationship is a beautiful gift for yourself and your loves ones.

Empowerment Framing

One of the primary challenges I see in people is their feelings of disempowerment that have come from life experiences that have been less than ideal.  

I am an avid studier of mindset, spirituality, quantum physics, the brain, and energy work.

When I work 1:1 with you, this will be my framework and orientation.  What this means is that I help you take your power back and know how to step into releasing the never ending "broken" "fix it" cycle of self improvement.  I help you get out of victim consciousness, help you know your choices and power to create & experience what you love.

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