What led me to this?

If you want the gist of it without reading the elaborate story, just know that I have been through love and loss, the breakdown of my family, only to do it all over again and feeling way more injured the second try.  Now I am living an empowered love-filled life that is better than I knew it could be.


I had to face some deep fears and get to the bottom of what was creating this pattern of loss, pain, and struggle in my life so I would NEVER repeat it again.  I had to transform some of the stories and limiting beliefs and wounds that were in my way.  I had to learn how to open my heart and learn the truth about how POWERFUL I really am.  I have done it and SO CAN YOU!


I am a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in the state of New York and hold a Master's Degree in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute.  With over a decade of clinical experience, I have worked with hundreds of people to discover their dreams, express themselves more fully, transform the aspects of their lives that didn't serve them, and take action to create real and lasting change. 


I specialize in helping partners or children of addicts claim their life back so they can live authentically, freely, and actualize their dreams!  I am an expert at helping you find your power to live aligned to your truth, build confidence, and live as the person you desire to be.  I am not afraid to go for my dreams and want that for you too! I believe that you don't have to suffer with what you feel life has served you.  I practice this and teach it. 


I have manifested a space and founded a women's center, have run specialized women's circles and creative arts-themed women's groups.  I quit my 9-5 hospital job to do what I love and follow my highest excitement full time.

I have a deep passion for working with women to release inner shame and resistance and transform to create their dream lives and mostly to help them have the lasting love of their dreams.   


I am your personal alchemy guide and it would be my pleasure to work with you