What led me to this?


If you want the gist of it without reading the elaborate story, just know that I have been through love and loss, the breakdown of my family, only to do it all over again and feeling way more injured the second try.  Now I am living an empowered love filled life that is better than I knew it could be.


I had to face some deep fears and get to the bottom of what was creating this pattern of loss in my life so I would NEVER repeat it again.  I had to heal some of the stories and beliefs and injuries that were in my way.  I had to learn how to open my heart and learn the truth about how POWERFUL I really am.  I have done it and SO CAN YOU!

If interested in reading the details of the story you can read below…


When I got married in the year 2006, I was doing what I thought was “the right thing” to do.  We had been living together with his parents the past few years and they had become family.  There were warning signs present and my inner voice whispered to me that I wasn’t moving in a direction that was aligned with what was best.  I was too afraid to take any action, afraid of hurting his family or messing up, so I just ignored the feeling and dismissed it.   A year later, I gave birth to my amazing daughter Kaya and things started to go downhill very quickly.  My ex-husband was facing a spiraling drug addiction that caused multiple traumas, run-ins with law enforcement, theft, loss of trust, and most sadly for me, the breakdown of my family.   It took a long time, therapy, and diving deep into my spiritual practices to get through the custody and divorce process, and at a certain point I felt ready to try again.  Ready to explore dating and the possibility of rebuilding what I had felt I lost. 



I met the father of my youngest daughter Satya at a Buddhist conference.  We ended up connecting and becoming friends.  He was living in California and  I lived in New York so we began communicating and built a friendship, frequently sharing and connecting about life, building a deeper closeness.  At a certain point, we decided to try a long distance relationship.  I believed in my heart that I was choosing so wisely this time around.  I looked up to him and believed that he wouldn’t have the capacity do anything close to what I experienced before.  He was the total opposite of my ex husband.  I trusted him with my heart, but to a fault.  We were working on building together including the idea of creating family, and I fell pregnant with our daughter.  Like my marriage, that’s when things went downhill fast.  He moved to the east coast when I was 5 months pregnant and shared that he cheated on me a month prior to conceiving our daughter and that he was not happy in our relationship.  He then broke up with me.  To say I was devastated was an understatement.

After crying daily for days, going through the mourning process, I was ready to seek a solution for why this was repeating in my life.  I dove deep into learning about love, spirituality, law of attraction, and healing.  I was not willing to just eat worms in my life and be forced to like it.  I was determined to find a solution and to make it my mission to help others understand their true power and discover the love that is there for them.  

If you feel you've put your all into your life and relationships, and it hasn't worked, if you know that there is a love that you are meant for because your heart calls you to it, please contact me so we can talk about getting you there.  It is 100 percent possible for you to have it and have it way better than you even knew.  It would be my honor to help you get there. 








With so much love to you...

-Sarah Rabenou


Sarah is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in the state of New York and holds a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute.  With over a decade of clinical experience, she  has worked with hundreds of people to discover their dreams, express themselves more fully, transform the aspects of their lives that didn't serve them, and take action to create real and lasting change.  Sarah is not afraid to go for her dreams and wants that for you too!!!  Sarah believes that you can create your reality and you don't have to suffer with what you feel life has served you.  She practices this and teaches it.  Sarah manifested a space for free last year and opened a women's center, has run specialized women's circles and creative arts themed women's groups.  Sarah has a deep passion for working with women to create their dream lives and mostly to help them have the lasting love of their dreams. 




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