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Re-Coding Codependency

Codependency has a variety of definitions however, I would like to pose the idea that we are not just codependent with our partners, but we are codependent as a society, and the collective fosters and reinforces codependency as a way of being and as a result keeps people bound and limited from experiencing the lives they dream of.

Codependency in a simple definition is becoming overly reliant, focused, and/or obsessive over meeting the needs or gaining the love of another so that a feeling of safety, security, and avoidance of core inner shame can be experienced.

These core wounds that have been created must be recoded and repaired in order to be able to shift from this way of being to what is true.

Here's what I know about codependency:

  1. Codependency becomes practiced self-abandonment

  2. Codependency is disconnection from your inner being & truest highest version of self

  3. Codependency is an extreme focus & energy on all the wrong things

  4. Codependency is an imbalance of the inner energetic structures of self

  5. Codependency is seeking to find your own identity from getting love and approval from the other and getting lost and confused about who and what you are

  6. The addict is seeking connection to self & universe through the substance, The codependent is seeking self through the other person.

The number one way I have learned to break free of codependency:

Consistent alignment to true self = Elimination of codependency

We as a society are often disconnected from ourselves as a way of being. We have been using our power of focus to fixate on things that are opposite to the truth of all that we are. We are using our human power of awareness to buy into our ego selves, our shadow parts, collective fears, and therefore are experiencing suffering, self-hatred, poverty, violence, and the whole myriad of experiences that are created through an over-focus and belief in the unwanted.

The way to repair collectively and move towards states of love, success, abundance, for all, is to take the journey to do this as an individual. To own your power to live aligned, to know your holiness as a human, to connect to the source of life and know that the universe exists within you and is experienced by you and you CAN change ANYTHING towards DESIRE.

This is my work in the world. To support myself first and then one person at a time to return to the love that they are, to know the truth of their desires and how important they are, to know the value of each and every life. To release the shame, unworthiness, and other BULLSHIT stories and beliefs we have been coded with due to living.

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