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Because I am a Licensed Therapist in the State of NY and my personal life and experience have led me down the path of my passion,  I have a unique and creative approach that supports my clients at different stages of their life journeys and spiritual paths.  My services are tailored to suit different needs and desires as varied and deep as the human who chooses me to guide them.  Many of my clients report that working with me has had more impact than many years of therapy previously.


Sessions including but not at all limited to: 

Processing your life experiences, reflection, teaching skills to support emotional regulation, transcending trauma and shame, building self-awareness, reversing conditioning, patterns, and belief systems that are holding you back, transforming self-abandonment, reclaiming your desires, processes for becoming more confident, clear, authentic and free from within.  We get to the core of it and create real and lasting changes.  



Single session:

One session to address something highly specific to your journey or for maintenance after completing a coaching package. 

3-month coaching packages:

12 consecutive sessions that are highly targeted at getting you from where you are to where you desire to be.  This is best suited when you have something specific that you want to transform.  Here we use tools and methods that are at the cutting edge of transformation to take you through processes that will reveal what's holding you back and teach you exactly what to do to change it.   You will be given homework and asked to implement things.  This is for you if you feel ready to change something now!

You are an ideal candidate for coaching if:

It feels like a full "F" YES within you

You are SPECIFIC about what you want to change

You are READY to dive into it

You feel excited to IMPLEMENT and do things in a new way


Live or virtual workshops or coaching intensive days.  These are customized to groups or individuals and can include a variety of modalities.


1:1 or group immersive experiences

Please e-mail sarah here to set up a consult 

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