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Beautiful Nature

Soul Immersion couples Retreat 2022

A time to connect with the depths of your truth, to connect with yourself, your partner, others on the journey, to anchor into who you can be and what you can experience when you shed the limitations and commune with your soul

Simple Serenity For Your Soul

We spend our week in a local Home With Ocean And Mountain Views, Infinity Pool, and Yoga Deck for immersive experiences.

Very contemporary open art-filled home, with private indoor/outdoor bath offering beautiful views of both the ocean and mountains from high on a hill. A true experience of being in and surrounded by nature yet elegant.


The serenity is amazing, the views are magic! The infinity pool invites you to laze or swim laps while you gaze at the ocean. 


The yoga deck/art/massage studio, on top is the crowning jewel! You feel like you are on top of the world with 360 degree view of ocean and mountains and sky, nothing else besides lots of monkeys and birds! 

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Cloud Forest

You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. Situated at 4,662 ft (1,440 m) above sea level, the Monteverde region is an evergreen due to the precipitation and moisture-filled clouds which hover over the horizon on an almost daily basis this make it a must visit while your vacation in Costa Rica. Zip-line tour is the only one built entirely inside the cloud forest. In this tour, visitors cross through the unique cloud forest canopy suspended over the forest while attached to high weight-capacity cables and using the specialized climbing gear. 


This provides wonderful experience and sensations only comparable to flying through the forest, the treetop walkways provide the best way to safely admire the cloud forest canopy at your own pace.The butterfly garden host more than 30 different species of butterflies from different altitudes and climates found throughout Costa Rica.At the hummingbird garden, our visitors will observe more than 14 different species of hummingbirds


Soul Excursions

We break up the week with excursions that will connect you to your joy, your essence, and your inner truth.  These outings will connect you to the core of your nature.  We explore some of the most beautiful and natural locations that the country has to offer.  


Horse Jungle

Barigona beach is a deserted beach. You will love to gallop on the white sand and its crystal clear water. We also cross the rivers, the jungle and the forest of Guanacaste to observe the Wildlife of Costa Rica.  We will stop to talk about the fauna and flora as well as to make photo breaks and a small snack. A wonderful beach, white sand, animals through a wild forest where we will feel like alone in the world, lulled by the rhythm of the horses

Snorkelingdolphin watching

The Pacific coast is a perfect place for dolphin watching as these playful animals live in the area throughout the year.

Costa Rica is full of natural beauty and marine life. The wonder of our waters and reefs has made it famous in the world especially among lovers of snorkeling and diving. The reefs offer clear waters with visibility from 30 to 100 feet deep (from 9 to 30 meters deep) and the warm waters will welcome you throughout the year.


Snorkeling in San Juanillo, is the best of the area as it offers the opportunity to see the rich marine life. You can swim offshore to see the tiny blue and yellow fish, stars, and sea urchins. The San Juanillo snorkeling tour includes a journey to the crisp blue waters of the secluded San Juanillo cove. Beautifully colored fish and coral await you alongside octopuses, lobsters, starfish, and other marine life.


Soul connection

This week will not be ordinary.  In an intimate setting with only 1-2 other couples, you will get both group interaction to play, experience, and learn together, downtime to share space, and 1:1 time as couples and individuals to go deeper into it.  While we keep it fun, playful, and exciting, we also allow space for anything else that wants to emerge.  This is a special, unique, and intimate setting to explore.

  • We will connect you deeper with yourselves and your core desires in order to be clear so you can learn to embody the person and state of being of your deeper truths.   You will learn practical ways to do this for yourself

  • We will learn effective communication and skills to build intimacy so you and your partner know exactly what to do to become more deeply seen, heard, and fulfilled

  • We will work through any sabotaging patterns and/or inner wounds/ relational traumas blocking you from intimacy and connection so that you can feel open, connected, and successful in your partnership

  • We will explore your natural creative and unconscious mind to understand your unique challenges and strengths so you can effectively master yourself and live authentically and in accordance with whom you want to be.

  • We will create connections to our spiritual nature and learn how to harness energy so we can get way more accomplished, be connected to our unique wisdom and solutions, and then apply that to our relationships.

We will have plenty of time to explore the local beaches, town, or just get extra rest time to integrate.  This will be a replenishing and life-giving experience.

You desire healthy, thriving, life giving love and life...

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