Frequently asked questions

How long does your shoes take to be shipped?

It takes around 15 to 25 business days after the purchase for you to recieve your shoes. Depending on the volume of products it may even take even longer but we always keep you informed during the process. If you are interested in wholesales inquires email us and we will provide you with our rates.

Can I try your shoes on in person ?

Only when you purchase them. Our shoes are made from scratch and are crafted individually for each client. Our company offers an 100 % customer satifaction. Therefore refunds and exchanges are free so there is no need to worry.

What is the difference between handcrafted & handmade ?

Our shoes are handcrafted which includes the help from machines but can be a bit challenging because many elements are still done by hand. The handcrafted process is faster, but still requires the attention to detail and traditional methods of shoemaking to produce a quality product. The main difference is that the final product is arranged with the help of machinery and modern technology. If there is a use of machinery it constitutes an item to be handcrafted. While if a product is made entirely by hand it would be considered to be handmade. Both are custom-made products regardless of the shoemaker’s process from the beginning to end. The appreciation of the two craftsmanship can be very objective. Some may prefer their custom shoe production to be handmade entirely with traditional tools and age-old techniques sewn from the initial design to the last stitch without the help of modern technology. Others may prefer handcrafted products instead. Both techniques consist of craftsman or woman who are highly skilled, patient, and passionate about their work. It's all a matter of personal preference.