Frequently asked questions

Who do you work with?

I specialize my work with single mothers and divorced women who are feeling insecure, disappointed and fed up in their journey to partnership. Due to my work and life experience I know what it takes to create healthy and rewarding love with the right person. I help women who know deep down that they are meant for amazing and lasting love, and are ready to take steps to make it happen. Whether just starting to date or in relationship now, I can help you create the relationship you dream of and deserve.

Why is love coaching more effective than therapy?

In therapy, the tendency is to go back and ruminate over past experiences and continue activating the energy of old experiences and problems. You discover why things are the way they are, but actionable and meaurable results and feelings are not usually emphasized as much. This never feels good and keeps you dependent on the therapist. In love coaching, we look at processes, steps and solutions and only address past blocks that are showing up in the present so you get fast results and dont need to focus on the energy of the problem and keep it active. We get you aligned with your deepest truths and the truth of what your desires are. We help you create exactly what you want in your love life. The tools you learn and transformation you go through will be deep seated and you will take them with you well after the coaching ends.

Why should I work with Sarah over other coaches?

I base all of my coaching on seeing your desires as your truth. There’s no special tricks, no one way. In fact, I teach you how to know and discover more of everything that you are and help you amplify that so you can attract the relationship that is meant for YOU. My background as a creative arts therapist qualifies me to creatively get to the root of blocks and limits and within my methods, we can customize the work based on your personality, needs and desires. I am dedicated to getting you results and invest myself in your progress. It is more than a job to me, it is a mission, a love, a passion. When working with me in coaching you get personalized attention and dedication from me. I choose to work with only a small number of women at a time to ensure you get my all.

How long do I have to do coaching before I get results?

It is definitely possible to see/feel changes within the first session of working together. In my experience, if you commit to at least 3 months of consistent work together, with follow through and engagement in the coaching, you can experience deep transformation and results. With 6-18 months together, we can get you to a place of truly feeling like a different woman. Secure, free, loving, powerful, confident, and unlimited in your relationships and your life.

How long have you been doing this?

I have worked with hundreds of families and individuals as a clinician and coach since 2005. I have been working with empowering women specifically since 2013. I discovered my love coach mission a few years ago after my own love life crumbled (see about me section for more on that)

Do we have to be in the same location?

I conduct sessions either by video chat or phone. If you live in the NYC area, it is possible to meet in person as well. Location is not an issue to work together.